Body Treatments


Due to COVID-19, we have new government restrictions, which prevent the use of our sauna, shower, and body scrub facilities. We will permit the use of these services as soon as govt approval is granted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your skin is your biggest organ – treat it well with a body treatment customized to your needs.

Our treatment options provide proper maintenance and nourishment the skin needs while delivering relaxation and stress reduction. From scrubs to wraps, treat yourself – and your skin – to uncover smooth, radiant skin like the king or queen you have always intended to be.
Our body treatments include:

  • Energizing Brown Sugar Body Scrub
  • Oriental Invigorating Pink Crystal Body Scrub
  • Asian Massage Purifying Body Seaweed Wrap
  • Oriental Detoxifying, Natural Clay Body Wrap

Please be advised that tanning 24 hours prior to or after treatment, as well as shaving or waxing are NOT recommended.

Body Treatments cannot be performed if client:
Is pregnant or nursing
Has the flu, a cold or infection
Has chronic illnesses such as cancer, MS or lupus
Has uncontrolled blood pressure, heart disease or asthma
Is allergic to essential oils, seaweed or iodine

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